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WEUNGRY's New Initiative Wants to Turn Home Cooks & Home Chefs Into Food Entrepreneurs

This campaign is to empower home-chefs to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In a time as unprecedented as this, we have realized the need to support our homemakers and their aspirations. This initiative is built on this thought process. With this campaign we aim to empower and support 10,000 home chefs across the country by helping them realize their dreams of becoming successful food entrepreneurs.

While the COVID pandemic-induced lockdowns put an end to the entrepreneurial dreams of many, it also brought to light how home chefs across the USA rose to the occasion with their culinary skills.

WEUNGRY is now expanding its service to help create opportunities for these individuals, many of whom do not have the resources necessary to launch their own restaurant businesses.

The restaurant industry has been devastated as a result of the pandemic with closures and layoffs. However, WEUNGRY are giving chefs much-needed income and new forms of distribution while being safe.

Chefs are vetted on the platform through a robust onboarding process consisting of kitchen inspections and comprehensive food safety training in compliance with the FDA to ensure that the platform offers a premium experience.

WEUNGRY Home Chef Training and Education

Every WEUNGRY home chef undergoes a comprehensive food safety training program in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

WEUNGRY Home Kitchen Inspection

Every WEUNGRY home chef is verified by our Chef Support team after a highly-selective application process which includes interviews, kitchen inspections and a taste test.

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