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The New Business/ Hyper-Local Multi-Store For Food Franchises

Since the hyper-local business started out, in the eCommerce section, it has created a huge stir. One of the reasons that hyper-local business has gotten so big is because it is convenient, but is it going to stick around for the long term? 

This article takes an in-depth look into the new turning hyper-local mode of eCommerce in the food industry. Franchises are cashing it in. Read on to find out more, about the sector that can put you on the cover of Forbes magazine if you play your cards right. 

As A Franchise Do you Own Your Customers?

No, we don’t mean did you buy your customers outright? more on business terms – do you serve the purpose of what they need? Are they ready to purchase from you time and time again and are they loyal? Do they buy goods from you, or are they in fact a client of the platform that you have listed your food franchise items on?

When you are a small franchise or food company listing on an online eCommerce platform, then you get huge coverage. A lot more so than if you were not listed and tried to go it alone on an independent basis.  Your food items and menu get viewed by clients that you could never have reached had you not advertised on an online ordering system. 

The Need For Decentralized Business Is Known

As the world moves to a decentralized system, hyperlocal can pan out extremely well for you. It is so much more than just a trend. It is a way of living.  All organizations realize and acknowledge that there is no requirement to take their inventory to a more centralized location.

Items are locally on offer and they don’t have to be sent to a delivery address that is far away. In the food industry, this is huge, as meals can be prepared, cooked, and delivered to the door piping hot and tasting delicious. Local brands can serve localized customers with great ease. 15-minute delivery concepts are becoming more and more in demand and it is common knowledge amongst society. 

Deliveries Have Changed

Dynamics of delivery as we once knew them are changing and hyper-local seems to be the new trend and way to go. 

It has become normal to get your food delivered to your home, be it restaurant items, franchises, coffee, or groceries there is something that is so satisfying about being able to scroll on an application from the comfort of your home and order your food needs direct to your doorstep. 

See, also it works by the application pointing your location and then picking out the stores that are local to you and accessible. Then you can simply choose the items off the menu that you want and sit back to wait for the driver to drop off your order. 

Direct Customer Portals Are Required

D2C business has become a thing that is necessary for survival. Hyperlocal multi-store business ordering is not going to be going anywhere any time soon. In fact, you can expect that it will grow to be even larger than how it is at the current moment in time.

Businesses can be empowered and by taking the jump and leaning toward hyperlocal deliveries life becomes simple. It is all about being able to create new pathways for your customers and ensuring that franchisees can expand and grow!

WEUNGRY is a platform that helps local businesses to be able to embrace the hyper-local trend and jump on board, offering their customers the opportunity to be able to get their hands on food items directly from their mobile device to their door.

The platform is simple to use, easy to navigate and more franchises in the food industry can simply add their business there to the platform in less than 3 days in most cases! You would never have guessed that that would be possible before.

The world of eCommerce and technology is changing, and life is going to continue to take a lean towards hyper-local business. 

It is something that is not going to die out of fashion, unlike older business modules, mobile applications on phones offer franchisees the opportunity to be taken around with the consumer. 

It is the most effective strategy for targeting consumers directly, after all, there is hardly a person alive that doesn’t have a mobile phone and they are literally taken everywhere with them. 

Are You Ready?

So, there we have it why hyper-local multi-store business is the new trend for franchises, and it is not going to be just a one-time trend. The question that remains to be answered though, is did you list your restaurant’s menu on a platform, and if not, why didn’t you do so?

Why not talk with someone today about how you can start to make a move towards jumping on the hyper-local trend!


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