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How Do Dark Kitchens Operate?

How Do Dark Kitchens Operate?

There is a lot that goes into operating a fully functional restaurant and dark kitchen in USA. Let’s dive deeper into how dark kitchens such as us at WEUNGRY Kitchen operate.

1. Order taking in a dark kitchen?

Cloud kitchens operate through online ordering. It is a highly integrated system that is linked to food partners and delivery services.

2. How are orders processed in a dark kitchen?

Orders are collected and processed similar to other online ordering restaurants. The biggest difference in ordering online through a restaurant and a dark kitchen is that there are multiple brands that the customer could be ordering from.

As you may be able to tell there are a variety of different types of food that we offer. The best part is every member of the family will be able to find something that they enjoy.

Orders are displayed on a Kitchen Display System that allows the staff to view them and the chef to prepare the order quickly and efficiently. The food is packaged in sustainable packaging to keep the order fresh and warm as it is being delivered to the customer.

3. How are dark kitchens staffed?

Since there is not a host or servers it is imperative that there are highly skilled kitchen staff members to keep the restaurant running. Chefs have a lot more responsibility than traditional restaurants since most of the work is falling on them. Of course, producing high-quality delicious food for our customers is our number one goal and outcome.

In dark kitchens, chefs may prepare foods of a variety of the brands that are operated underneath us, or there may be a certain chef to prepare the food of certain brands.

4. How are dark kitchens marketed and advertised?

Since there is no foot traffic coming from a physical location marketing and advertising becomes very important for dark kitchens. Having an online presence and a strong relationship with delivery partners becomes key. Presenting yourself on social media and a website oftentimes is not enough to spread the word.

SMS and email marketing are very important as well. As a dark kitchen updating our customers about deals, and new menu items are very important.

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