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Band Together With the Restaurants in Your Community to Form a Local Alternative Delivery Platform That’s Independently Owned, Operated, and Controlled.

By Using WEUNGRY's Technology, Delivery Driver Network, & Training 


Stop dishing out big slices of your revenue to national third-party delivery companies who don’t know your business. Little by little, companies like GrubHub and Uber Eats are doing to independent restaurants what Amazon did to independent retailers. They charge unreasonably high commissions, often higher than a restaurant’s profit margin, and damage your reputation with bad customer service. But we know how you can beat them — together.

Why a Local Alternative Delivery Platform?

  • Local Collaboration:  

Work with the local business owners you already know and trust to share the initial franchising cost and build systems together. Profits are then distributed to the community shareholders, not a faceless national corporation.

  • Lower Commissions:  

Unlike the big guys, who continually hike up commissions knowing they’ve got small businesses cornered, your rates will always stay fair, and you get to keep your hard-earned cash.

  • Logistical Control:  

You maintain ownership of your customers’ essential data. You decide what systems work for the businesses in your community. The choices stay in your hands, where they belong.

  • Loyal Customers:  

When your delivery service is locally-operated, your customers can expect faster, more personal, and more accountable customer service—and they can rest at ease knowing their money stays in the community.

WEUNGRY provides the tools to start a local delivery in your community

  • Consistent methods of operation
  • Policies and procedures that ensure high quality customer service
  • Initial hands-on training at our Florida headquarters and/or virtual training
  • Local on-site training or virtual training and support during each Licensees initial start-up
  • Ongoing training and support to ensure the quality of our Licencees
  • Coordinated marketing support
  • IT and back office support


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