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4 Ways to Sell Restaurant Owners on the Benefits of a Local Restaurant Delivery Service

As an RDS, or Restaurant Delivery Service, you know there are good reasons for restaurants to outsource delivery. Here are four selling points for persuading restaurant owners and managers on the benefits of a restaurant delivery service.


It’s a given: more and more restaurant owners are expanding their customer base beyond their four walls.


But in-house management of delivery brings its own set of demands, some challenging, some even prohibitive. Here are some specific reasons why outsourcing delivery to an experienced food delivery service is a great choice:


1. They stay focused on creating great food

Restaurant owners put a lot of hard work into crafting a great dining experience for their customers. And a truly excellent meal combines a number of critical elements. Things like quality ingredients, an efficient kitchen, a talented team,  work together to create memorable experiences.


Adding the logistics and details of making deliveries to the to-do list can be challenging. It distracts them from the heart and soul of their business.


By entrusting the delivery experience to an RDS like yours, restaurant owners stay focused on their menu, their food, and their in-house dining.


Encourage them to let the pros handle the details and logistics so they can stick to what they do best.


2. You help minimize their hiring stress

One of the greatest benefits of a restaurant delivery service is that you offer restaurant owners a way to outsource unnecessary stress. And we know the industry is already facing serious labor challenges.


Excellent food delivery requires a different set of skills than food preparation and restaurant management, and it can be tough to find people who can do both. It can be counterproductive for them and less appealing to prospective hires if they’re asked to perform dual roles


A delivery service knows exactly what to look for when hiring its team members, so the restaurant owners they work with can rest assured that their deliveries are in good hands.


Contracting with a RDS lets restaurant owners focus all their recruiting energy on finding the right people for their in-house team.


3. Eliminate ramp up time

When a restaurant is exploring the possibility of offering food delivery for the first time, it takes a while to learn the logistics and nuances. There are food temperatures to maintain, routes to calculate, people to hire, and many other details to think about, which can be overwhelming.


You’ve already mastered the process, built a great team, and put the right systems and software in place to ensure a seamless experience for the customer. That means they can enjoy a first-class delivery experience immediately.


4. No need to bother with vehicles and supplies

Food delivery brings its own set of equipment needs, like insulated bags and coolers,  as well as other resources.


Managing personal vehicles presents a list of concerns most restaurant owners are unaware of. As you well know, maintenance, insurance proof, appearance standards, and safety measures, must be maintained.


This is another reason why restaurants should forego all this by outsourcing to a food delivery service.


A good RDS will undoubtedly have efficient systems in place to ensure that all delivery vehicles are stocked. Coolers, bags, and other equipment needed to maintain safe food temperatures are a simply a given.



Partnering with your dedicated food delivery saves restaurant owners time, money, and stress.


Use the four reasons provided here to convince them that you can be their secret weapon. And you can free them to reach more customers and ensure a great experience.